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How to avoid plagiarism successfully

With the vast availability of published works nowadays, avoiding plagiarism can be a challenge. Yet by following these guidelines, it is possible to make smart choices that will steer you away from the horrors of plagiarism.

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Put the words of the other sources immediately into your own words. By doing this within the note taking process, it will help to prevent from direct copying within the actual paper.

Examine the words within your paper. If they seem overly convoluted and difficult to understand, then it is likely that they are not worded best in your own style. However, if you do understand the essence of your own words, and one idea seems to flow into the next, then this is a good indication that you captured the ideas of the other sources, but worded them in your own way.

Use parenthetical citations at the end of each sentence that contains an idea that is not your own. Parenthetical citations work to display where the source of credit derives.

Place a bibliography at the end of the paper. Bibliographies are very important because they display all of the sources you utilized in order to come up with your ideas in the paper.

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