How Tos'

How to answer Essay questions

Many students develop a knot in their stomach when they are assigned essay questions. Essay questions can either be for a homework assignment, or actually given as test questions. Essay questions should not be cause for alarm. Instead, students just need to know how to correctly answer essay questions in order to earn the best grade. Here is a step by step guide about answering such questions.

Get it Right!

Make sure to read the entire essay question. If there are separate parts to the question, take note of these and be sure to answer them. An incomplete answer to an essay question is a sure way to receive a low score.

Brainstorm your answers to the essay question. Make sure that these answers can be backed up through facts that you can write about in your anser. Think of keywords that highlight what you want to say, and jot them down on a piece of scratch paper.

Begin answering essay questions with a statement that summarizes your answer. Then go in more detail about the points you are writing about.

Finally – Don’t Lose Marks Because of Simple Negligence and Rushing (because your friend has finished and is leaving the venue???)

Good Study Help

Read over your answer and look for any mistakes in spelling or grammar. Check to make sure that you haven’t left any part of the essay question unanswered.