Shaping the Learner (STL) is a group of powerful and influential South African Clinical and Community Psychologists, Educationists and Social Workers, spearheaded by Gerald Williamson and Carmen Joshua. As a collective network, they have developed the company Shaping the Learner into a powerful service delivery unit that focuses on the areas of social, educational and community development.

STL has been associated with other related national educational interests: PACE Careers, Kip McGrath Education Centres South Africa and Kip McGrath International for children and young people with learning difficulties. STL is registered with the ETDP SETA,  South African Council of Educators (SACE) and Service SETA, educational and sector education training bodies in South Africa.  STL offers credible and registered programmes in the area of training and development, primarily within the education sector.

We offer a range of training programmes, especially those suited for school-based interventions. In addition, we also offer research services, especially those done in communities anywhere in South Africa. One of our strong service areas are those that offer consultancy as well as development services (of any size) to any community social investment initiatives.

We can take care of all the needs for our clients and remove the headache from the exercise. We therefore facilitate the branding experience on behalf of our clients.

Shaping the Learner South Africa and its international partner Do- IT Solutions UK has also been instrumental in developing the Profiler System. This is an amazing system that can be used in its customized versions or various types of institutions. In a nutshell, it can assess and collect information for a range of functionalities and skills. Please see www.learnerprofiler.com