How Tos'

How to improve your grades in school

To improve your grades you’ll have to spend some time in your textbooks.

Changing school grades takes a certain level of commitment. From week to week and from semester to semester there will be many opportunities to improve grades, and many opportunities to hurt the improvements made. If one is committed, consistent and patient, grades will slowly and steadily begin to improve.

Things You’ll Need:

•    Planner 
•    Notebooks 
•    Binders 
•    Computer access

Improving Your Grades

Tell the teacher that you would like to improve your grades. Ask for feedback on where you need the most improvement. Express your commitment to becoming a better student and prepare your teacher to change her mind about you.

Buy a notebook for each individual class that you’re taking. Arrange papers and assignments for each class in separate binders. Organize and label your notes in a way that is easy to understand, access and study from.

Take good notes during class time to make sure you stay alert and retain information for homework or projects that are sure to come later on. Stop the teacher and ask a question if you do not understand something that was said.

Form a study group with students in your class who have better grades than you do. Dedicate at least two hours every other day to sit with your study group and go over class material. Create interesting ways to study so that no one becomes tired or bored.

Track your progress with your teacher. Ask your teacher for an update every two weeks on how your papers, presentations and tests are coming along.

Find interesting ways to delve deeper into school topics than your teacher expects you to. Watch movies, read books or listen to music relevant to what you’re studying. Get to know your material on an intimate level

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