How Tos'

How to be a better test taker

Have you ever felt nervous and anxious before or during a test? You study for hours on end. You know the material inside and out. The test is in the bag….

You sit down, take one look at the test and totally freeze. You are not alone. there are many who suffer from test anxiety.

In this article, there are different tips that can help you become a better test taker. It also contains methods to help you stress less before and during your very important test.

Quick Tips

Things You’ll Need:
•    A good night’s sleep 
•    A healthy and hearty (high protein -low carbohydrate) breakfast the morning of the test. 
•    Ten deep breaths before opening the paper helps reduce adrenaline and cortisol (this chemical reduces memory).

It is always important to get a lot of sleep the night before the test. You want have clear and focused mind.

Know your stuff. Make sure you have studied all the material that this test covers. The more you know, the more confident you will feel.


The night before should not be the first time you are looking at the material. Try not to cram everything in the night before. It will be difficult to do well. All-night studying is a bad idea. This does not work! They just leave you very tired and it’s hard to concentrate when you are sleepy. Sleep your normal time or slightly earlier.

Try not to focus so much on how important this test is and the consequences you will face if you don’t do well. Just think of it as a bunch of questions that you are going to answer to the best to your ability.

Golden tip When Writing the Exam:

When faced with multiple choice questions, usually two out of the four questions are definitely NOT the answer. Cross them off immediately. Then you are left with two that could possibly be the answer. Usually there is one question that is close to the correct answer or could be the answer. Make the choice that answers the question best. Make sure you read the question carefully. Underline important key words and phrases that will help you understand what they are asking. Make sure you answer every question. If you leave it blank, it is definitely wrong! If you aren’t sure, make the best guess you can. You never know it may be the correct guess!

When you are faced with essay type questions, you should definitely use scrap paper and just write down everything you know about that topic and organize the information so you can understand it better. Think about how you want to organize your essay. Be sure you read the question carefully. Make sure you understand what they are asking. Answer the question to the best of your knowledge using the information you jotted down on your scrap paper. Make sure you back up your answer with examples. This will show your understanding of the material.

Great! You are at the last step! Always check your work. Make sure you have every question answered. Proofread your essay. Be certain you have answered every part of the question. Don’t forget, make sure your essay is well written and organized.