How Tos' Study Tips

How to study – Make exceptional grades

We are all rather intelligent people. But some of us know how to learn and some of us do not. Those who do, make those of us who don’t look weird. It’s time to fix that!

Most people will make the statement that they are a visual learner, or perhaps an auditory learner. What they mean is that they readily remember what they see visually or what they hear (auditory), respectively. But they are only talking about their main way to learn and not fully understanding how we all learn.

when you want something you’ve never had, you have to do something you’ve never done

Listen to audio

Have You Thought About This?

Why not accept the fact that we are all multi-sensory learners and then use all of our abilities in the learning process. This is a simple task that requires you to know and understand more about yourself.

When we sit in a classroom and are passive in our learning, we will not do well. When we are active, we will achieve. At least be active when you are studying at home or going over class notes for an exam or test. Here is how you can be active. With these very simple steps, you will become known for your superior learning ability in a nice way.

See and say at the same time. Read out loud so that you are involving both the senses of seeing and hearing at the same time. Visualize a word you are trying to learn to spell. Visualize the paragraph in the textbook you are studying. Write – don’t just underline – but write to get the kinesthetic/tactile/touch sense into play. If you are doing math, write with a finger on sandpaper. It works!

Learn your information paragraph by paragraph in your textbook. Go through a page and then close the book and go back over that page. Do you have it? If you think so, try making out simple questions as if you are the instructor. See how many questions you select will be on the exam or test.

Serious Tips & Warnings

•    Use your notes the same way you use the textbook. Learn them page by page.
•    You may find others wanting to study with you. Be ready to share your learning secrets.