How Tos'

How to study for an important test

Studying has its rewards…

No matter how much time you spend studying, you can always fail an important test if you don’t have the right information. Important tests can create lot of stress if you feel that you might not be studying the right information. With some planning and directed studying, you may learn that studying for an important test is as easy as pouring a glass of water. Learning a few study tips can save you a lot of time.

Things You’ll Need:


Stop spending your time watching television or browsing the Internet. Instead, gather all the materials and information your teacher has given out for the past chapter or section.

Record important notes that your teacher repeats in class. Taking this action will reduce your preparation time, which means you could get right to studying earlier. Study your notes, because most of the things on your notes sheet are most likely going to be on the test.

Choose the information from your notes and books that you know are important and that you believe will be on the test. Underline it or copy it on another sheet. Start by going from one category to another that you have made in the last step. If your teacher has reviewed a topic or fact more than once, include this in your list.

Transfer the chosen information to flashcards by writing the question on one side and the answer on the other side.

Study the flashcards by making a stack with the question sides facing up. Attempt to answer each question before turning the card over to check whether you have answered it correctly.

Organize every worksheet, book and information notes into three categories: notes taken, book information and notes given by the teacher. Doing this will save time for future studying for specific tests.

Tips & Warnings

•    Never cheat on a test; this is a certain way to fail.