How Tos'

How to pass any test

Are you having trouble passing tests?

Do you want to become a better test taker?

Here are some helpful tips:

The first you need to do is stop cramming. I hear people all the time claiming they are good at cramming. Truth is if you want to do your best on a test you need adequate time to study. Although its true you never ask a doctor what grades he made on his entrance exam. You probably can pick out who crammed and who studied. We don’t want the test material to be in our short term memory, we want the material in our long term memory.

Try to study around the same time every day to create a pattern. Go somewhere where you are free from distraction. If you have to lock the door do it the point is you need peace and quiet.

Find out what type of learner you are. Are you a auditory learner. If so you need to try to find audio tapes or Cd’s that cover the material you are learning. Or you need to record yourself reading and play it at night before going to bed. You can even play your study material in the car on your way to work.

If you are a visual learner then you need to see the material. You will study better reading the material. or looking at pictures or charts with the material on it. Audio will not work for you, but flash cards will work great for you.

Are you a kinesthetic learner then you need to physically have some type of hands on with the material. You may need to physically be able to look at the material and get out and go through the steps with your study material.