How Tos' Study Tips

How to not have to study right before tests

Ever want to be successful in school without having to cram right before tests? Wonder how the kid who seems like he never studies before a test does so well? The class might actually just be a complete joke, or he is applying other strategies that help him not have to cram. I will teach you how.


Pay attention in class, most teachers take information straight from their lectures and apply them to their tests. Say 50% of the information on tests is from lecture, if you just pay attention you are guaranteed at least a 50%.

Read your notes right after class. When the information is fresh in your mind, review it so it sticks in your mind. This will help eliminate the need to really try and memorize everything at once before the test.

The other source of information teachers use for tests is your textbook. Before or after class read your textbook. This is when lecture is fresh in your mind and you can fill in the holes with the textbook information, and visa versa if you read before class.

STOP CRAMMING! A typical human can only be productive at an intense task like studying for around 30-45 minutes before there is an exponential decline in the productivity in the mind.