How Tos'

How to remember things

We all need help to remember things at times. You may have a big test coming up or you need to remember names or a phone number. We sometimes find that, even when we think we can remember information, we are stumped to recall it when needed. Knowing the right strategies to use can prevent that kind of forgetting. Using proven strategies will help you remember those things.


To help remember things, think about it for a while. Holding information in short term memory longer will assist with the transfer of that information to long term memory.

Make connections between the information you need to remember and prior knowledge. Find relationships between new information and what you already know. For example, if you are introduced to someone new, can you relate them to someone else you knew by the same name? Do they have anything in common? Not only will the connection help you to remember their name but the act of thinking about it will help you remember it. This is thinking on a deeper level and it helps place information into long term memory.

Use multi-sensory approaches to help remember things. Try using visualization by picturing things in your mind, then write the new information down, then say it, etc. as well as reading or hearing about it. This is a multi-sensory approach to learning and it will help you to remember things.

Space out your time when you study new information. This is called spaced trials and is proven in research. In fact it is some of the oldest research in learning theory. You will learn and remember much much more when you space your studying out into shorter segments over a longer period of time, as opposed to a longer period of time all at once. For example, instead of studying for four hours the day before a test, study for 1/2 hour at a time each day for 8 days before the test. You are still putting the same amount of time into it but you will remember much more.

Use memory tools such as mnemonics and acronyms to help remember a series or list of things.