How Tos' Study Tips

How to get better grades in Maths

Math is one of the most challenging subjects in school for many people. Here are some tips and pointers to help you perform better in math courses, and help you get better grades.

Things You’ll Obviously Need (Crazy but True!)

•    Your brain and time away from the party!
•    Lots of paper and determination to succeed! 
•    Pencils and calculator – no need to borrow from others!

Maths is a Practice Subject – No Shortcuts to This Reality

No matter what level math you are studying, the most important thing in succeeding at math is to practice. To some, math concepts come naturally, and to others, they comes more slowly. The best thing you can do in either case is to practice, practice, practice. Practicing can lead to more comfortable performance during tests which can help you get better grades in math. Do a little bit everyday – work consistently!

Understand your homework

Lets say you are having trouble with algebra (or geometry, trigonometry, calculus, or linear algebra) and you have 15 problems assigned to you for homework.The best thing you can do to really help yourself in the long run is to really try to understand and finish all the assigned problems. Don’t just breeze through it just because your homework is graded on completion, rather than accuracy.

If you are still having trouble understanding a concept, or getting answers right, go to the back of your math book and see what answers are given to you. Then, without looking at the answers, try to solve extra problems that weren’t assigned to you and check your answers in the back.

You should always keep up with what you are learning in class, and not fall behind. In other words, even if you finish a homework assignment, make sure you know you understand it as soon as possible. This is because many concepts in mathematics build off of each other, so if you don’t understand something from an earlier date, it will make it harder to learn new concepts. Above all, swallow your pride (if you have any) and go ask your teachers/lecturers for help in understanding a concept or idea! Remember though, people will help you more enthusiastically if they see you are trying!

Practice Past Papers or Problems

As for tests, if you can, try to take practice tests before your actual exam. This will help you get a feel for what exam problems are like for a given subject matter. During the test, take your time and do the problems you know how to do first, then go back and try to finish everything else. Hopefully, following these tips will lead to you getting better grades in math courses!