How Tos'

How to do well in classes

Traditional ways of studying isn’t cutting it in class? You may want to try a different approach.

Things You’ll Need:

•    An open mindset 
•    Good rest 
•    Go to class!

Do a quick review of materials before each class. Read the next chapter that will be presented before the class. This reduces the chance that you will get lost and confused during lecture, and will give you more opportunities to participate.

Don’t write everything down! There is a misconception that one’s performance in class is positively correlated to the amount of notes you take. Taking good notes is one thing, but sometimes trying to write down a lot of things distracts one from the learning process. Write the essentials, then put down your pen and actually listen to that guy talking at the front of the class.

Keep it up! It is much harder to catch up once you have fallen behind, so invest in your classes by getting things done early. It will actually save you time in the long run